WomeninBusiness.in Partners with Amazon.in to Sell Handmade Products

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Womenin Business.in was launched in 2016 as India’s unique online platform with the sole objective of tapping the skills of Indian women in a proper way and providing a medium through which they become financially independent and self-made entrepreneurs from their homes.

It’s time to reduce the gender disparity at works and businesses

It’s time for women to take their rightful places both in jobs and businesses. This call is not only for urban women but also for women staying in rural, semi-rural areas of the country. Stop worrying about society obligations, household responsibilities, security threats, mobility restrictions or time limitations. All women are multi-taskers. Besides cooking and doing household duties, women knowingly or unknowingly become experts in doing many other things simultaneously, be it stitching, knitting, painting, craft making, baking, pottery making and so on. For some, this becomes a favorite pastime… to do something creative. But, these women do not get any chance to display their handmade products to the outside world.

It was with this objective in mind, WomenInBusiness.in was launched where women can showcase useful and attractive handmade products, sell and earn income for the family.

WomenInBusiness.in partners with Amazon.in to make every Indian woman an entrepreneur

How about becoming an entrepreneur without getting into details of any marketing tactics? All you need is to create your product and we do the rest to make you home-based entrepreneurs.

We have partnered with Amazon.in, India’s largest e-commerce market. We want to empower women all across India.

So, if you have a hobby you love spending time on and you create a beautiful handmade product, let us help you in making a career out of selling your handmade products and earn a living.

With the help of womeninbusiness.in, your favorite creative hobbies can make you an entrepreneur. To benefit from this opportunity, get your products listed at www.womeninbusiness.in



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