Women in Business Promotes Handmade Products Business in India for Women Entrepreneurs

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India is a powerful developing country, and here the scope for handmade sector is huge. Handmade products in India have always been in great demand in India. Prime Minister’s “Make in India” campaign which was launched to encourage multinational and domestic companies to manufacture their products in India has also further enhanced the demand for handmade goods. As a matter of fact, more and more people, nowadays, prefer to use homemade products either for home decor or as gifts or for personal use.

There is a huge range of handmade products in India that varies from clothes to woollens, from jewelleries to handbags, to paintings and pottery, sculptures, figurines, decorative items to other arts and crafts. People are ready to buy such uniquely produced handmade goods. Especially the rich and affluent people, they are willing to pay high prices to adorn their homes with such beautiful homemade products as these products definitely have their unique charm.

Inspite of huge growth in the use of machine made products, the people of India still prefer to have items produced exclusively by our craftsmen and artisans, depicting India’s rich cultural heritage. We have our rural women making beautiful handloom items on their home looms. Each state in India has its unique craft or fabric or art, specific to that state, and more or less it is the womenfolk who are involved in making it but on a small scale. Right from knitting to stitching to weaving, women in India are skilled in craft works, and this skill is something which has been handed over from one generation to another. And this holds true for both urban and rural women of our country.

India’s women have great potential to unleash their skills in this vastly under-utilized, un-organized sector. It’s high time now that womenfolk of our country should think seriously of transforming a skill they possess into a serious business. In other words, there is tremendous scope of Indian women to become home-based entrepreneurs by producing handmade goods at the comforts of their home.

Women in Business Promotes Handmade Products Business in India for Women Entrepreneurs

Women in Business provides a user-friendly marketplace to organize this handmade goods sector of our country, enabling our talented women to connect with consumers countrywide. This is the first of its kind women entrepreneurship platform where women simply need to produce their homemade items at the comforts of their home, list their products on the site, and rest is taken care of by Women in Business. Right from skills training to mentoring to financial support, from branding and promoting, from marketing to shipment, everything is taken care of by this online entrepreneurship aggregator.

Be it on online sites like as Amazon.in or at fairs and exhibitions, government souvenir shops, pop-up stores and Corporate events, Women In Business makes sure that the handmade items produced by our women entrepreneurs get visible to a larger audience, thereby get sold, and our home-based women entrepreneurs earn money for themselves.

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