Why starting a handmade business in India by women is easy with Women in Business?

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In the last few years, India has seen a surge in the number of women starting their own entrepreneurial ventures. The number is still not a huge one but definitely a positive sign. Women in India starting their own business and building their own start-ups imply a path leading to women empowerment and of course overall growth of the country.

It’s a known fact that the most common problems that women face in starting something of their own are lack of finances, knowledge, education, marketing skills, proper guidance and so on. Add to this, some other major problems like as lack of family support, prevalence of a male dominated society, limited mobility problems etc. Thus, to self-finance a business becomes a problem for women in India. While in urban societies, women are coming up with their own-startups, things are not easy for women in small towns, tier2/tier3 cities and rural areas. There is no doubt about the fact that these women are equally skilled like their urban counterparts but they lack the proper support to start their venture.

Women in Business: Making Way for Home-Based Business for Women


  • belong to that group of women who are very creative and have an artistic bent of mind?
  • have any inherent skill of making things that are productive as well as creative?
  • love to bake cakes and make chocolates?
  • love to make arts and crafts during your free time?
  • have a passion for doing something of your own and earn for yourself and family?
  • feel that you have an urge to do something but lack all necessary support?

If your answer is “YES” to all the above questions, then it’s the right time to join Women in Business.

Women in Business is here to help overcome all challenges and struggles that women entrepreneurs face to kick start their own business. From jewellery to handbags making, from knitting to crocheting, from soap to candle making to craft-making and painting, your craft hobby projects can easily be transformed into a full-fledged home-based business at Women in Business.

How can women in business help in starting your home-based business?

  • Register: All you need is to register on the site womeninbusiness.in.
  • Listing: List your products on the site with proper description and pictures.
  • Online marketplace: Women in Business provides an online marketplace to display your products to a larger audience.
  • Amazon.in: With a nominal fee, your products will also be displayed on Amazon marketplace as well.
  • Offline selling: Not only that, women in business also arrange other ways for selling your handmade goods through corporate events, fairs and exhibitions, pop-up stores, corporate gifting, and government-based souvenir shops.
  • Brand promotion: Besides these, this entrepreneurship platform also helps in brand building and promotion, marketing, shipping and delivery, and sales support.
  • Finances: For financial support which is one of the biggest hurdles in starting a business, Women in Business helps connecting its registered members with the right funding partners, including getting funds from various Pradhan Mantri’s Yojanas for self employment.
  • Skill training: At any point of time, if a woman wants to develop entrepreneurship and business skills, she can also avail skill trainingprogram online.
  • Mentorship: Last but not the least, Women in Business provides its women entrepreneurs the right guidance, support and mentorship to develop their skills and push their abilities to start or to further their home-based business.

To sum up

Women in Business is the first of its kind women entrepreneurship platform solely designed for women in India who want to start their home-based business. All you need is to create your products while Women in Business will take care of everything to set rolling your business, to help you be empowered and independent. Avail the  Services of Women in Business and give wings to your dreams of becoming a successful home-based businesswoman.

It’s easy….it’s simple…For details, connect with us at 9319615050.

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