Want to Start your Home-Based Handmade Business? Keep These 4 Things in Mind before Starting

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When you start a handmade business from home, it is usually started on a small scale by most women entrepreneurs. You pick a product that you are capable of making it yourself, and then sell it on a small scale to your known circles. But, thankfully, the situation is slightly better in recent time, as more and more women are coming out of their closed-door environment and trying to do something on their own and reach to a wider audience with their handmade products. For all women entrepreneurs out there who have the ability to create creative handmade products, the good news is that you have womeninbusiness.in to help you in your business venture. Create your product and this online platform helps you in displaying your products to customers all across the country for more sales and profits.

Keep These 4 Things in Mind before Starting your Home-Based Business

Now that you have decided to start your own venture in producing handmade products, keep these 4 things in mind before selling your goods in a third-party marketplace, including womeninbusiness.in.

Choose the right name for your business

You should give a serious consideration on the name that you want to give to your business. Never choose a name that limits your business as you never know when your business expands and you include not one excusive product type but variety of handmade products. For instance, if your product is handmade jewellery intially, then don’t pick a name related to jewellery only. Because, there are every chances that you might include other handmade products like bags, belts, accessories etc. later on. However, if you are absolutely certain that you will remain fixed to only one item, then you can choose a name related to that item. The name should serve its purpose of representing your business and it should be unique.

Know and calculate your finances

Finances are always an important concern when starting a business. Fix up the price of your product in such a way that it includes your material costs as well as labor costs so that your labor cost becomes your profit. Not only that, you also have to fix up the wholesale rate as well as the retail rate for your products. Do not charge a very high rate and do not charge it too low either. Don’t compare your products with others. Your product price represents the value of your product. It’s really important to know your profit margins. Create a budget which includes your expenses in processes like production, packaging, shipping and more. However, if you don’t want to handle such complicated issues, then register on India’s unique online women entrepreneur platform womeninbusiness.in. Here, while you concentrate on your core business, that is creating your handmade product, WIB looks into all other aspects, right from inventory management to selling and shipping. For details, give a call on this number 9319615050

Take clear, sharp and crisp pictures of your products

A picture says it all…

If you are selling your products online through e-commerce platform, or social media like as FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp, make sure you also invest in a good camera so that you can present your products through quality pictures. Your image should stand out and compel your customers to buy it. All details should be covered…front, back, sides with proper zoom-in. Format the picture with a light backdrop. The picture should exactly give the same appearance of your final product.

Have products ready

Don’t start your business unless and until you have enough products to sell. Take risk initially but with a positive attitude. You must have enough time into creating a good quantity of handmade items before displaying them to others for selling. So, list a variety of items to start with. Don’t start your business with just a handful of pieces. Customers are not impressed with just two or three items in display. They need variety. Even if you are selling a single item, make sure you have large variety of the item in terms of designs, sizes, materials etc. Having a larger variety gives a better chance of making a sale.

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