Tips to Take Time Off for a Holiday When You Run a Small Business

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You have your own business. Plus you have your family to look after. Running a home business is not always so simple as it seems to be. Most importantly, you have to do almost everything, you have to give enough time to it, dedicatedly and wholeheartedly in order to see it grow and run successfully. Hence, in many cases, for small business owners, it’s not always easy to take time off from their business, especially during the time when the children have their vacations. You are torn between choosing a holiday and your business.  But, don’t worry. There is always some way or the other to make things work as per your will.

So how can you take time off when you run a business? Try these tips.


#1 Plan ahead

All schools have fixed days of holidays for summers and winters. So, if you are really waiting for a holiday from a very long period of time, plan it in advance. When you set aside few days for yourself or say blocking few days for vacation on the calendar, you can automatically schedule your other activities. Avoid important client meets, deliveries, deadlines on those days.

#2 Prepare your workers

If you have some workers helping you in your business, prepare them in advance. Prepare them to take over some of your tasks/duties while you are away. In other words, the work continues even when you are away. Make sure your work is under control and well-managed.

Write down everything you’re

#3 Prepare the list of tasks

working on and your incomplete tasks. Prioritize your work and finish up any loose ends. Decide what can wait until you come back.

# 4 Prepare your customers

If you have some regular clients/customers for your business, then you need to prepare them as well. Especially during festival time, when there is a great demand for your products, you cannot miss out on your regular and prospective customers. So, let them know in advance the time period when you will not be available. At the most, get their orders wrapped up before you leave. Train your workers to handle new customers during your absence.

#5 Notify all your contacts

Post an auto-response in your e-mail with your dates of vacation. Call your most important clients and tell them about your vacation days.  Leave a message on your voicemail if needed.

#6 Keep yourself available on the phone

Though it is advisable to keep yourself free when you take a vacation, yet, when you are on your own, when you have your own business, things become slightly different. Keep yourself available to attend to important calls, if required. This way, half of your stress is over and will also give you peace of mind. But, yes, limit email or phone check-ins. In fact, you can fix up a time for your workers/clients to give you a call either in the morning or at night if there is any crisis.

# 7 Last but not the least, just do it

Just do it.  It’s hard when you are on your own but try your best to unplug for at least few days with your family and kids. If you can’t let go of work, you won’t be able to enjoy what you have achieved. You definitely need a break and  when you come back from a holiday, you get the much-needed rejuvenation and mental strength. In fact, you never know when a bright idea strikes your mind on your vacation. It’s important to recharge and take time off so that when you come back you have fresher ideas and more positive energy.

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