Tips to Start a Craft Business from Home

how to start a craft business from home
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There are many of us who have this fantasy of doing what we love and earn money from it. If you have that inherent passion to do something creative, then it is very possible that you have considered to start a craft business at one point of time of life. For some, doing something creative is a hobby which they want to convert to a business. Some others just desire to do something on their own and to be their own boss. The good news is that now it is possible to start a craft business easily from the comforts of your own home, and it does not require any huge investment.

Just imagine…you sitting in front of the TV and knitting a sweater which you are going to sell to your neighbor. Yes, it’s possible.

The trend for women entrepreneurship is real and more and more women are getting into the mold of becoming an entrepreneur by starting their own craft business from home. How?

The basics of setting up a craft business from home

Remember one thing, to start anything worthwhile in life needs hardwork, dedication, passion, time and patience. If you feel that your business will give you profits instantly, then you are wrong. Running a business from home is actually a marathon race and not a sprint. You should start a business only if you are ready to put your heart into it. Let’s check out below the essential tips to start a craft business from home.

Choose your craft business idea

First thing’s first – what is your craft business idea? It is possible that you already know the craft or it is your hobby, and you can turn it into a business. In this case, you are clear on your business idea. It can also be possible that it’s not your hobby but you want to be a business owner.  In this case, you have to give some time to find our which craft business to opt for. You might find something which catches your eye and you would love to make a business out of it.  There are lots of crafts to choose from, right from painting to pottery, from garments to accessories, from soaps to candles, from chocolates to cakes, and so on. Remember you must be passionate about your craft, whether you make it on your own or whether you source from others. It’s no use to be a business woman from home if you have zero passion for your products.  If an idea makes your heart inclined towards it like nothing else in the world – that’s the one.

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Starting a craft business from home
Now that you have an idea on what to make or what to source, you have to start your business, right? You have to think about many aspects of your business. Take time, there is no need to rush into things. Find out facts about your craft…

  • Where do you get the raw materials?
  • How much time does it take to make a product?
  • If you do not make on your own, you have to find the reliable sources from where you get our products at reasonable rates?
  • What are the different variations of the product?
  • Which room should be used as your business room or office or workplace?
  • Do you have space inside your room or outside?
  • Will it be necessary to hire works or get a place for rent? and many more such relevant questions…

It’s a daunting task, no doubt, but it should be exciting for you too.

Make a plan

For any business to start with, having a plan is very essential. Take a pen and paper or open your Excel sheet and note down all the important points that come to your mind on how you are going to turn your hobby into a business. Make a rough calculation on the initial expenses, a rough estimate of your product cost, the pricing, the delivery process and so on. With a goal in your mind, it becomes easy to take the steps ahead.

Craft Business Names 

The name of your business is equally important as your business. The name speaks a lot about your business. You should choose a name which is easy to remember, which defines your product and which has something appealing in it. Read this How to Choose a Name for your Small Home-Based Business?

Now where to sell your handmade craft products?

There are many places to sell your crafts. You can be a registered member of, the entrepreneurship platform for Indian women to start their home business. You can sell at your own house. You can create your own FaceBook page and WhatsApp groups to sell your products.
There are so many avenues and places to sell your crafts. You can also sell at online marketplaces like At the initial phase, you can start from your home only, with your friends and family as your prospective clients. You can also display your products at local exhibitions and fairs. Small boutiques and local markets are also helpful.

Growing your craft business from home

Now that you have started your home craft business, this is not the end. In fact, the real work now begins. You have set roll your business and now you have to grow it. Some tips to follow are as follows:

  • Make sure that your products are of good quality
  • Make sure that your delivery is on time
  • Network, network and more network
  • Be open to criticism
  • Be courteous to your customers
  • Keep a friendly yet professional relationship with your customers

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