Tips to Decorate Your Workspace for Your Home Based Business

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The environment or the workspace in which you work is of equal importance as your home business.

So you have just started a small business from your home? Your home business can be of two types…

  • Product based where you design and create arts and craft goods, from paintings to soaps, candles to jewelleries, and so on.
  • Service based where you are involved in baking, cooking, offering tiffin services, tutoring, arts and music classes and so on.

Whatever is your home-based business, you need to give your time, energy and focus to make it successful.

Do you know the success of your home-based business is not only dependent on the quality of products, services and marketing tactics but also on your work environment and workspace?

Create an ambiance that is bright, interesting, exciting instead of a dark, dull, and dreary ambiance.  Remember, as a home-based entrepreneur, you have to look into other aspects of your home activities too and not only your business. So you have to create an atmosphere which do not make your feel tired, stressed, and depressed while working.

Tips to create a productive work environment for your home based business

Separate room/space: Always have a separate space for your home business. Be it a small room in your home or a space in your backyard which can be converted to a closed room, just make sure that you have a space exclusively for your business. If you are into baking or cooking, usually your home kitchen becomes your work space. But it is better to make a makeshift kitchen in a separate space for your convenience.

workspace for home business

kitchen space for your business

Color scheme: The colors of a room plays an important role for your productivity. Use a color scheme that is light and refreshing. Go for neutral or pastel shades with contrasting dark-toned furniture. The room’s interiors play an important role in attracting your customers if you sell your products from home. You can also use decorative, soothing wall papers, which are cheap and can be replaced easily if you get bored working in the same ambiance.

Proper lighting: Choose a room that has light. Lighting, whether natural or artificial, adds life to the workplace. Arrange for high quality bright lights to make your room suitable to work even in the night time. After all, it’s a home business and you can work as per your convenience. Make sure to have lights in the most hidden corners too. Lights allow you to work comfortably for long hours in a stress free environment. But it is always better to choose a room that brings in refreshing effective natural light.

Ventilation: Oh yes, when we talk about lights, it also means that your home office should have proper ventilation. Airy and properly ventilated environment helps in cross ventilation to the keep the room and yourself fresh and up for the work. If there are no windows in your room, install a ventilation system to regulate the air in the environment.

Minimalist furniture: Don’t over crowd the room with furniture. Just 2 comfortable chairs are enough for offering seats to your customers. Go minimalistic but ensure that your work table is big enough to work comfortably. Since your business involves DIY projects, you should have enough space to keep your stuff and raw materials. The same applies for cooking and baking with proper electricity connection for using gas/stove and other electrical allowances.

Shelving: Shelves are a great necessity in your room. Be it the wall shelves, corner shelves or cupboards or cabinets, make sure you have enough of them to store your finished products and raw materials. Better to have closed shelves to keep your goods neat and clean. For small spaced room, go for wall shelves.

Interior décor: Bring in some indoor plants that require less maintenance to beautify the look of your room and freshen up the room. Use wall frames and paintings. You can also opt for Vastu/FengShui products for room décor like as wind chimes, laughing Buddha, bamboo plant etc.

workspace home business

Final Word

Ensure that the work space of your home-based business is well organized and free of any kind of clutter. Make sure it is free from noise and pollution to avoid distractions. Use budget-friendly options to decorate your room.


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