Stop Marketing Your Products through Whatsapp Messages: Join for Your Home-Based Business

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When a woman wants to start something from home as a business, her main concerns are that her business should involve little or no startup capital and minimal risk. Nowadays, most home-based women entrepreneurs of small scale are opting for social media platforms for marketing and selling of their products. One most widely used platform is WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Marketing Advantages for Home-Based Business

Yes, of course, this is one of the most common and easiest ways of marketing your handmade goods. There are many benefits involved:

  • Whatsapp can be used in all mobile phone devices: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • It provides Group chat with a limit of about 256 Whatsapp Members
  • You can create your personal group for your home business
  • You can interact with your group members which are your potential customers
  • You can send unlimited messages
  • You can send audio and video messages
  • You can send your product images, which is very helpful for businesses
  • Contacts can be easily saved
  • It provides security by giving end -to – end encryption
  • It can also work without your sim card data
  • And, most important of all, all these services are provided for free of cost.

WhatsApp Marketing Disadvantages for Home-Based Business

Now, for a business to be successful, mere sending of product images are not enough. You should also be able to sell your products and earn something. For home-based businesses, marketing using WhatsApp is not enough. Major disadvantages are:

  • You have a limited audience
  • No sales guaranteed
  • Limited sales, which mean no profits
  • Mostly confined to local neighborhood areas and known circles
  • Added investments involved when the product needs to be delivered to a distant location etc. India’s unique online platform for home-based women entrepreneurs

Starting and running a home-based business often does require lots of time and energy investment, along with start-up capital. How about starting your handmade products’ business with, where you simply need to produce your product while we take care of everything else?

  • Register at and display your products with us. We help to sell them at various marketplaces
  • With premium membership with us, you become our Premium Seller and we display your products on
  • No additional investments required
  • No worries for delivery and inventory management
  • No worries for marketing of your product
  • You create your brand identity

Now is the chance to display and sell your handmade products to a larger audience all across the country.

Be a successful home-based woman entrepreneur…market your make in India products with us



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