Meet Women in Business’ Priyanka Sabharwal, Mompreneur & Founder of Chocoholic, Made with Love

riyanka Sabharwal, chocoholic
Home Based Business, India’s one of the most acclaimed women entrepreneurship platforms, offering an opportunity to women to start their home business, feels proud when the purpose of its business is served. The online platform has become the business platform for a number of women entrepreneurs who have started their business from home. Time and again, we present before you the success stories of our registered women entrepreneurs. Today, we introduce you to our new member Priyanka Sabharwal , an upcoming young, spirited entrepreneur who is into making chocolates and baking items at home.

Presenting Priyanka Sabharwal, Founder of Chocoholic, Made with Love

She is originally from UP, presently settled in West Delhi. A teacher by profession, she has more than 10 years of teaching experience. She said that her little son is  very fond of eating chocolates right from the time he was a toddler, and this continues even today.  Her son’s craving for chocolates all the time made her feel slightly anxious of his health with the easily available chocolates in the market.

Being concerned about her son’s health, she felt that it is time for her to give him something that is homemade as well as healthy. Thus, she started learning to make chocolates at home. Initially, she tried making chocolates by watching YouTube and other online cooking videos. She started developing interest in it. The best part was that her son and her family members relished the chocolates that she made at home. Soon, she realized that this is something she is enjoying doing it and so she took up professional courses to learn fancy chocolate making, including baking.

Launch of Chocoholic Made with Love

In 2017, Priyanka gave up her teaching career, with the intention of starting something on her own. She knew that leaving a full-time job and doing a home business is risky. Yet, she was willing to take the risk to do something that she loves doing. Moreover, she wanted to spend more time with her son too. Thus, she launched her own brand for homemade chocolates “CHOCOHOLIC – MADE WITH LOVE”.  It is just been 2 years of the launch of her business, and she has been doing quite well in her business, with her regular clientele through her FaceBook page and Instagram page.


Her Product Range

Printed chocolates,  Designer chocolates,  Fruit n nut flavoured chocolates, Milk chocolates,  Dark chocolates,  Soft gulkand-centered chocolates,   Truffles, Protein bars,  Sugar free chocolates, Cookies, Donuts, Brownies, Oatmeal bars, Dry cakes, Bounty bars, Kids special lolly chocolates, Customized Photo chocolates, Customized chocolate boxes, Healthy Birthday Cakes, Dry Cakes, Muffins, and many more. For orders or bulk enquiry, check out here 

Chocolates from Chocoholic


All her chocolates and baking goods are purely handmade. She makes her products with her own hands in her own kitchen. Ingredients are carefully chosen to make healthy homemade food items. Her chocolates and baking items can be savored by both children and adults. Customized orders, Wedding orders and bulk orders are taken for all special occasions and festivals, nicely packed and home delivered within Delhi NCR and couriered all across India. All her products are eggless.

In her own words

“Struggles are always there as this is a competitive industry but with ample family support, I never gave up on this profession but kept moving forward every day.  My passion and my will power always helped me stay ahead…”

Team Women In Busines wishes her all luck and success in her business and at the same time urges women with skills to join and start their home business and be empowered. If you want to get in touch with Priyanka Sabharwal or have some queries related to business, get in touch with us on our FaceBook page WomeninBusinessIndia



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