Meet Suchi Mukherjee, Founder of Success Story of Indian women entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

Her name is  Suchi Mukherjee, founder and ceo of – a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal for women only… She is a real example of a woman of substance, a woman with a mind of her own and a passion to follow.

She was a working woman before becoming an entrepreneur

A graduate in Economics and Maths from the University of Cambridge with a Masters Degree in Finance & Economics from the London School of Economics, she started her career with Lehman Brothers Inc in July 1998. Her skills, qualification and experiences helped her to move from one organization to another in different roles. It was while working with eBay that brought a transformation in her life. She actually learned the trade of e-commerce at eBay. With the way she performed, she was quickly promoted within a year, as the Director and Member of Executive Management Team for “Skype”, which back then was a part of eBay Inc. Working with Skype for almost two years, she once again was promoted as the new Managing Director for “Gumtree,” which again was a part of eBay Inc. This jump helped her to develop leadership skills and where she gathered the idea of how a start-up works, which ultimately led her to think about her own start-up.

Her entrepreneurial journey

Now although she was working for one of the most reputed companies but she still felt that she was not fulfilling her ambitions. She desperately wanted to do something of her own. Being a woman, she went by the natural instinct of women to love shopping. With this thought in mind, she wanted to create a platform where women can purchase fashionable and lifestyle products of their choice at one stop only. Thus incepted the online portal

Right from apparel, fashion accessories to home and non-perishable food collected from carefully selected retailers, you will find all stuff here which are important for any women. LimeRoad went live in October 2012. It is said, that the idea of Limeroad came to her, while she was on her Maternity leave. That time she was 39 years.

Challenges faced

She faced challenges initially. Finding the right people to build a solid team was one of the biggest challenges for LimeRoad.  Another problem was getting the right kind of infrastructure with high- speed & reliable internet. Other than that, there were other issues like as complex bank process, getting the company registered , and other legal formalities. Anyways, she overcame these challenges one after the other. Some of these got sorted immediately,  while some are still going on; but these small hiccups did not stop her. And, the platform has grown over the years, becoming the country’s leading discovery platform for lifestyle products with 18 million products.

Her entrepreneurial success led her to be chosen one among the ‘Rising Talent – global leaders under 40′ at World Women’s Forum Global Women’s Forum. Today, at the age of 45 years, she is a successful Indian women entrepreneur

Being a married woman with two children, Suchi Mukhejee has achieved what she wanted to. At the same time, she is also an inspiration for hundreds of young women who wish to pursue their dreams and work for change.

And for those women who have business ideas and skills but cannot take the plunge in entrepreneurship, we are there to help you. Visit for more details.


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