Meet Paramjeet Chhabra, IT Professional, Jewellery Maker, Entrepreneur and Owner of “A Gift of Jewel”

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Presenting yet another success story of Women in Business…

For those who say, professional work and personal business do not go hand-in-hand, you have to think twice.

Women in proudly presents before you a young dynamic IT professional, who is also a jewelry maker and a successful entrepreneur…a lady who is balancing both her office and business, purely because of her passion and zeal. She is a woman who is an inspiration for thousands of other women who get stuck with their professional lives and forget about their hobbies and passions.

Meet Paramjeet Chhabra, IT Professional, Jewellery Maker, Entrepreneur and Owner of “A Gift of Jewel”

She is Paramjit Chhabra from Pune. She is an IT professional working in an IT firm in Pune. A creative person, she used to spend her free time making sketches, jewelry, and decorative products out of waste. This used to give her a sense of peace and relaxation after a hard day’s work at the office. But, in her hearts, she wanted to do something that would make her feel happy and complete. She wanted to prove to herself that she can go beyond her IT skills and use her creative skills to do something worthwhile.

Thus, she launched her Jewelry brand “A Gift of Jewel” in 2017

A young lady with a passion, she set her entrepreneurial business with great dreams in her mind. She started her jewelry business from home in the year 2017. Initially, she started on a very small scale, making small pieces of jewelry using threads and sold these among her known circles, friends, and family. Her thread jewelry was widely appreciated for the unique designs and styles by her customers, which inspired her to make and sell more of these thread jewelry pieces.

a gift of jewel


Soon, her customer base expanded. She now not only sells her items in and around Pune but also in many other states of India. Today, the brand “A Gift of Jewel” includes not only thread jewelry but also oxidized jewelry and pearl jewelry. All her thread jewelry are handmade, beautifully crafted with exquisite designs. You can explore her collections on her FaceBook page A Gift of Jewel

thread jewellery Oxidized Jewellery

What makes her different from thousands of women professionals?

Well, she is a young, dynamic lady with dreams in her eyes. She wanted to go beyond her professional career. She wanted to do something creative, something of her own. The best part is that she is now both an entrepreneur and a working professional. At present, she is managing her IT career as well as her business. The moment she reaches home after her work, she concentrates in her home-based business. Isn’t this inspiring enough for others to follow suit?

Women in Business supports such ladies who dare to dream big… 

Let us help you in starting your own home-based business. If you have a skill, then dare to dream big to start your own business. You share your idea and product with us, and we will do the rest to make you a successful home-based entrepreneur. Get in touch with us at 9319615050 or visit our FaceBook Page WomeninBusiness

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