Meet Women in Business Palak Shukla who proved that disability is all in the mind

women in business palak shukla
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It has been rightly said that a special child is always special. When God takes away one thing, “He’ gives you something special to make your life worth living. This has been rightly proved by our new womeninbusiness member Palak Shukla who proved that in spite of physical disabilities, you can make better use of your life in an effective and positive manner. Such is the inspiring story of Palak Shukla, who is born deaf and dumb.

Presenting Palak Shukla in our WIB Success Story, who explained the importance of life through colors

Okay so Palak shukla is based on Bhopal, M.P.  She was born deaf and mute but her parents treated her like a normal child and provided her with all support, including education. She completed her school from Asha Niketan, Bhopal and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Narmada College of Fine Arts.

She grew up in a normal way at her home with constant support from her parents, her sister and family members who are always by her side. Since a young age, Palak showed a great interest in painting. Painting has been her hobby since childhood and she took part in various competitions and got prizes too. During her school days, there were exhibitions organized by different groups related to art where her paintings were put for sale. She once got a cash prize of Rs. 25000 for winning the award of best painting on the theme “Save tiger” at an exhibition organized in her home town on Biodiversity Day

As she grew up, she displayed her paintings in various events and exhibitions held at various places, including her college. She got an opportunity to meet the then president Pratibha Patil. Her paintings and exhibitions were widely appreciated in Newspaper columns. However, in spite of being qualified, she could not pursue a full-time career.


With time, she realized that life is not so easy, especially in terms of getting jobs when she is born with a disability. She struggled a lot with the job part as no one was ready to give her a job and also no govt. policies were there to help the differently-abled people to showcase their talent. This made her realize that it is better to start something of her own.

Launch of Srajan

Palak used to make various handcrafted items at home, besides her paintings. She used to make jewellery which was worn by her mother and sister. She once made a lord Krishna’s mask (as shown below) which was liked by everyone at her home. Soon, she got orders for the same mask and she started making them at home. This boosted her confidence and she wanted to start on her own.

In the meantime, Pooja also got married to the man of her life, who has been a constant support to her. It was he who along with her parents and sister encouraged her to follow her passion. So, her first handmade product for selling purpose was the lord Krishna’s mask. She launched her business in the year 2017-2018 which she named as “Srajan”

Lord Krishna Mask

Product Range

Palak started making and selling various types of products including neckpieces, earrings, other handmade jewellery, paintings, decorated pots, customized jewellery, decorative pieces, painted coconut shells as flower pots etc.

Explore her products here 

Know her personally here 

In her own words,

Your physical disability should not be a blockade for you. Rather use your disability to do something that you are capable of. Its all in the mind. Don’t be disabled in spirit

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