Meet our Women in Business Swati Garg, Founder of Brand Truffles Delight

Swati Garg
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We feel proud to be associated with women who are moms as well as mompreneurs. After all, is designed exclusively to provide an opportunity for home businesswomen to display their products and services, and their story to a wider audience, so that it helps them to grow their home business. Today, we present before you, yet another story of success of our home-based entrepreneur Swati Garg.

Her Background

Swati Garg is an MBA degree holder, presently based in Indrapuram. An HR professional before her marriage with Standard Chartered Bank, she had to leave her job just before her marriage for some unavoidable circumstances. With marriage, she got into the mold of being a dutiful wife, a daughter-in-law, a home maker, and soon a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. It’s a known fact that in India, when you become a mother, your career takes a backseat. The same was for Swati Garg as well. After marriage, she got so busy with motherhood and family responsibilities that she didn’t ever missed being that HR professional with a Corporate Bank. Rather, she was enjoying every bit of her married life with her lovable husband and her doting daughters.

How did it start?

Swati Garg has a big fascination for baking, especially for those beautiful cakes that are displayed in bakeries or served in birthdays. When her daughters used to come home after attending any birthday parties, her first question was always how was the birthday cake? Not that she loved eating cakes, rather she was more concerned about the health factor. She was more fascinated towards those varieties of cakes that are eggless and are made without using artificial preservatives. She knew that such cakes are not easily available.

Swati says her inspiration of starting a home business was her husband. Her husband once asked her to make an Italian Birthday cake for his birthday. After browsing on the net, she came across an easy recipe to make an Italian cake. With lots of efforts and of course, love, she prepared the birthday cake, and to her utter surprise, everyone at her home relished that cake. More so, her husband, who appreciated her for this gesture and told her immediately that she can be a good baker. She then realized that if she can prepare an Italian cake without much expertise, she can definitely be a better baker if she learns the art seriously.

Thus began her journey towards attending various online and offline classes on chocolate making and baking. It was her friend Tapsi, sensing her creative talent, gave her the idea of making cakes and chocolates for selling purpose.

Launch of Truffles Delight

In 2015, with lots of encouragement from her husband and her close friends, she launched her brand Truffles Delight. Ever since then, there is no looking back. She has won many cooking competitions ever since she started her own business.

Her products: Cakes, chocolates, pies n tarts, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, tea cakes. She takes bulk orders for special occasions. She also can prepare customized cakes on request.

Truffles Delight Birthday Cake Truffles Delight Cup Cakes Truffles Delight Brownies

Her USPs: All eggless varieties of chocolates and cakes, all prepared by her in her home kitchen, keeping in mind the hygiene factor, and there is no use of any artificial flavors and preservatives. Her products are fssai certified. In fact, when she launched her business, her main objective was to introduce complete eggless and complete preservative-free products and she has maintained this ever since 2015.

You can connect with Swati Garg on her FaceBook page Truffles Delight or with us on our Facebook page WomeninBusiness.

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