Meet our Women in Business, Sisters-duo Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta of the Brand “Tanudhi”

Tanushi and Nidhi Tanudhi
Home Entrepreneurs always feels proud to present before you the success stories of many of our home-based businesswomen. We feel proud to be associated with two moms, two sisters, Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi gupta, who are behind the successful launch of a brand, which produces uniquely designed handmade decorative items for home décor and gifting purposes

Presenting our successful women entrepreneurs Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta of the  brand “Tanudhi”.

Meet Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta, the sisters duo, originally from Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, and now settled in Delhi. They are the founders of the brand, “Tanudhi”,  handmade, handcrafted and painted items for home décor and gifting purpose.  Let’s know them more…

About Tanushi Gupta and Nidhi Singhal

25 years of marriage, a wife, a mother and a homemaker, 21 years of marriage, a wife, a mother and a homemaker – these are the identities of Mrs. Tanushi Gupta and Mrs. Nidhi Singhal, respectively, till a few years back. But not anymore. They have created their own identities now as successful home-based businesswomen.

Both the sisters are post-graduate degree holders with no professional experience. Like in most Indian households, in their case also, it was the same –  they were busy with marriage, motherhood, home responsibilities and family duties. Not that they have any regrets for the same as they wanted to enjoy each and every moment of their lives with their growing-up children.

One common hobby binds them together at all times…

But, they had one thing in common…their creativity and their hobby to make handmade creative items in their freetime. From childhood, both Tanushi and Nidhi were interested in arts and crafts. Their father was in a transferable job and this had given them a chance to visit different places of India, learn their different art forms and cultures. Learning the delicate crafts of different states of India was actually a passion for both the sisters. They used to work together and create handmade items, painted them. This was the favorite pastime for both of them and this continued even after marriage and children.

How did they start? Initial Hiccups

With time and with their children being grown-ups now, Tanushi and Nidhi thought of starting something of their own using their creative talent. But, yes, the path was not easy initially. After more than 20 years of marriage, setting up a home business was not easy. They were worried about maintaining a balance in their personal front and work front. They were also worried about sourcing of good quality but cheap raw materials, about creating a customer base, and so on. But, thankfully, they had the full support of their respective spouses and their children. Their mother was a great inspiration for them, who encouraged them to follow what they like.

Launch of Tanudhi


Tanudhi was launched in 2016. Though the initial sales were not good, things improved when their products started getting appreciations from their customers.

At Tanudhi , the two sisters believe in the joy of gifting. They handcraft gifting options and solutions using hand painting and decoupage techniques inspired by European and Indian color palettes. All their items are handmade, mostly wooden for home decor and utility and perfect for gifting on any occasions. In order to make their products unique and more appealing, Tanushi and Nidhi took up a SIFA course from Thailand, where they learned the process of using advanced techniques in their products like as Decoupage Art and Craft. Needless to say, Tanudhi’s products are not the usual handcrafted products. Their products have their own unique charm, traditional in look with a modern touch.

Tanudhi’s product range includes pen holders, coasters, name plates, magazine holders, handcrafted wax candles, makeup organizer, wall décor, storage boxes, gift boxes, and other unique gifting items. You can explore their products here



You can get in touch with both Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta on their Face Book Page Tanudhi Craft and Instagram page Tanudhi. You can also get in touch with them on our FaceBook page womeninbusinessindia

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