Meet Our Women in Business Rohini Khosla, Founder of Fantasy Flavours

Rohini Khosla
Home Based Business

We are presenting yet another success story of our registered home-based entrepreneur Mrs. Rohini Khosla. We feel proud to be associated with Mrs. Khosla, who is a multi-talented lady running her own business from home. She is a caterer, a chef, a trainer, an excellent pickle maker, a baker, a confectioner…

Let’s get to know her more….

About Rohini Khosla, Founder of Fantasy Flavours

Originally from Punjab, Rohini Khosla is presently settled in Delhi with her family comprising her husband and her two young sons. A homemaker and an excellent cook at home, Rohini Khosla used to enjoy preparing different delicacies for her family. This continues even today and each and every member of the family, her friends, and relatives just relish whatever she cooks.

How did she develop an interest in cooking?

She says her interest in cooking is something which she had developed when she was a teenager in school. Her first inclination towards cooking started when she used to watch the popular cooking show “Khana Khajana” hosted by the popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor. She was so fascinated by the show that she never used to miss a single episode, she used to write down the recipes in her diary, and prepare those dishes at home. She says her diary of recipes is still intact with her and is of great help to her in her business now.

Her marriage, motherhood and cooking competitions

With marriage and motherhood, she didn’t pursue any full-time career but got busy with her household responsibilities. In 2007, when her younger son was 5-years-old, she participated in a cooking competition in which she won. And guess what? She was awarded by none other than Sanjeev Kapoor.

Soon she started participating in many such cooking competitions one after the other, that too, random ones, without any preparation. And, as luck would have it, she was always one among the winners. And, she was also lucky to be given prizes by some of the best-known cooks nationwide like as late Tarla Dala, Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna. All these competitions and her winning them actually boosted her confidence and she derived this inner belief in herself that she is actually a good cook.

Rohini Khosla seen above with top chefs
How did she start?

One day her husband saw her cutting lots of vegetable on the terrace. On asking what she was doing, Rohini said that the vegetables were cut to prepare pickles which she would distribute to family members. To her utter surprise, her husband all of sudden suggested, why she does not start something of her own by using her cooking skills.

This made her realize that she has indeed all the qualities to start her own business related to cooking. Thus, Fantasy Flavours was launched.

About Fantasy Flavours: What does it offer?

Fantasy Flavors

Rohini’s Fantasy Flavors: Cakes | Home Made Pickles | Breads | Chocolates | Cooking Classes | Professional Culinary Classes | Catering Orders and More

Catering services: Rohini does catering business from home for kitty parties, birthdays, and other special occasions. She also offers Tiffin services to students and working professionals.

Rohini’s catering services

Cakes: Rohini is an excellent baker who makes wonderful customized cakes for special occasions.

Pickles: In fact, Rohini first started her business with pickles only. She offers different varieties of pickles made using different ingredients and spices, which are sure to make any food tastes all the more delicious.


Rohini’s Group cooking class: Rohini takes group cooking classes for baking and pickle making and for cooking other items once or twice a week, depending on the demand.

Rohini’s Bride cooking class: This is a new venture that Rohini has started.  Cooking classes are provided to new brides or would-be brides for a period of 1 to 3 months to make them expert cooks, so that it becomes easier for them to manage a new home and a new kitchen after marriage.

In her own words

“I enjoy cooking a lot. It is my passion. I don’t cook just for the sake of cooking. I cook with lots of love and sincerity so that the person at the table enjoys what I cook. That is the reason, my catering business, my baking and pickle business, my cooking classes by God’s grace, are doing well because my clients enjoy my style of cooking and my style of teaching. Most of my clients are repeat ones. My new cooking classes for brides have also been widely appreciated because these classes instill a sense of confidence in these would-be brides to face the new members confidently after marriage. But, whatever I am today, it is because of the strong support from my husband and my two sons. My family is my top-most priority. I would also like to add that my in-laws were of great support to me, though they are no more today. In fact, my mother-in-law who passed away in 2016 had seen my achievements and was very happy for me”

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