Meet Multi Talented Artist and Painter Mou Roy, also an Upcoming Business Woman

WIB Success Story always loves to present the inspiring stories of our talented women members for others to be encouraged and motivated. Today in our category of WIB Success Story, we present before you our new member Mou Roy and her inspiring life story…

Life is not a bed of roses. Yes, it is true. Life has its ups and downs. But, how we cope with “downs” in life is more important to consider so as to live life happily and peacefully in spite of struggles in life. This has been rightly proved by our WIB member Mou Roy.

Meet Multi-Talented Artist and Painter Mou Roy

Mou is the youngest of her 4 sisters, born in a Bengali family based in Ranchi. She was loved, pampered by all in the family. In a place like Ranchi, with 4 girls in the family, life was not so easy for them. Her father was the only earning member. But they all tried to live happily and comfortably in spite of facing financial hardships at times. Mou was a born artist, she started painting at the age of 6 years. When she was in class 6, she started her own painting classes at  her home, teaching her friends and other little kids in the neighborhood. Painting became a big-time passion and hobby for her though she never wanted to pursue a career in painting. After her graduation, she joined dramatics, theatre, and films. In fact, she even went to Mumbai to try her luck and got small roles in few Hindi movies. She also did few Bhojpuri movies. In fact, as she had started working at a very young age, she had almost 20 years of experience in theatre world.

Mou Roy

Her Struggles and tragedies in life

But, as ill-luck would have it, she could not continue further her dream of pursuing an acting career as her father suffered from a major brain stroke and she had to come back to Ranchi. That was in 2007. Her father was bedridden, recovered gradually but started behaving like a child. It was during this time, young Mou acted as a mother to her father.

Back in Ranchi, she had to struggle again for jobs. She did a number of jobs in various profiles to earn for the family. Her sisters were already married and settled down. She wanted to stay back in Ranchi to be a support to her parents.

In 2011, she got married to the man she loved. A Brahmin Bengali girl getting married to a Marwari Brahmin Boy. Needless to say, she had to undergo a lot of struggle for her marriage too. In 2012, she was blessed with a baby girl. But, tragedy seemed to be never-ending for her. Her mother died in January 2014. In February, Mou met with a severe accident for which she was not being able to walk and stand for about 6 months. Gradually, when she started recovering, her husband was in the last stage of rectum cancer. This was diagnosed in February 2015. She faced a severe financial crisis at that time but tried her level best to save him. But, unfortunately, she could not and her husband left for his heavenly abode in April 2015, leaving behind a little baby in her arms. If that was not enough, her father died in December 2015.

Mou all of a sudden became all alone. But for her little baby, life has to move on. Mou got a very good opportunity to be a TV host in a popular TV channel of Jharkhand, news 11, and things started to move in a positive way in her life. She was slowly coming to terms to lead a normal life when she started suffering from an eye nfection as a result of which she could not apply makeup on her face, and this forced her to give up her TV host job. Again, she was at a loss, with no financial support, though her sisters were by her side all the time. Especially, her elder sister, Sutapa Chakraborty, who is almost 9 years senior to her became her constant support at all times.

Business Instincts: Abolii Creations

As we all say life goes on….Mou was heartbroken but there was something very positive about her. She had seen all misfortunes in life but this never broke her down. She always wanted to find some way or the other to move out of her misfortunes. She knew very well that one thing that she is very capable of doing and which she enjoys doing is painting. This led her to dream of starting a business from home. Her products include handmade paintings. Her first painting order came from a real-estate dealer from Patna, Bihar. Her paintings are found in the offices of this real-estate dealer. Her paintings are also adorning the walls of some of the homes of her known circles. “Abolii Creations” is a very new name, still at a nascent stage…but she plans to make it bigger.

Some of her collections at her clients’ homes

Mou's paintings Mou's paintings Mou's paintings Mou's paintings

In her own words,

I have seen lots of struggles, misfortunes in life. At times, I used to think, “why me?”. But, then the show must go on. At present, I have my daughter in front of me for whom I have to live happily and make her feel proud of me. I know I am good at painting. So, why not use my skills in a proper way? I try to gather strength from distress. It’s no point crying when things are not in your hands and when destiny has so many surprises to offer you. So, the best thing that I can do is to take life as it comes and move ahead in a positive way. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results…

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