Meet Ms. Smriti Bhatia: An entrepreneur, a chocolatier, an author and a chocolate trainer

Smriti Bhatia Chocolatier SIABA Choco House
Home Entrepreneurs, an initiative to support the skilled women of our country to make them successful home based entrepreneurs, is proud to present before you Smriti Bhatia, an entrepreneur, a chocolatier, the author of Amazon’s best seller The Chocolate Alphabet and the trainer of SIABA – Smriti’s International Academy of Bakery Arts.

Meet Ms. Smriti Bhatia: Founder of chocolate brand Choco House

It was in the year 2010, Smiti Bhatia from Noida, Delhi NCR launched her chocolate brand Choco House, offering her products all across the country.

Let’s get to know more about her and her business…

She was an IT professional earlier, in a good profile with a good pay package every month. It was her sheer determination and her passion to do something of her own that made her take this drastic step of leaving a lucrative job and do her own business.

Making chocolates at home was just a hobby for her. Whenever she got time from her busy schedule, she used to make chocolates for her family members. She had this trait of trying something different, and hence she used to create different varieties of chocolates, not only in shapes and sizes but also in mixing different ingredients along with chocolates.

Initially, she started her chocolate making business as a part-time work along with her full-time IT job. She started on a small scale, offering her products to few known people for special occasions. Soon, she realized that this can be converted into a full-time job, as it is, her IT job had become strenuous for her with long work hours.  Smrti knew that leaving a job is a risky decision but still she took the plunge and launched her chocolate brand in May 2010.

Ever since then, there is no looking back.

Objective behind Choco House 

Choco House was established in 2010 with the mission to innovate out of the box, to create exquisite handcrafted chocolates to bring a smile in the faces of her clients in all age groups. Her chocolates are one of the best gift items for any occasions as big as a wedding to small parties, as return gifts or corporate gifting and so on.

Choco House Chocolate Brand


  • The best part of Choco House’s chocolates is that these are of unique flavours.
  • They are purely handmade.
  •  Eco-friendly hampers are available.
  •  Customized chocolates can be prepared as per the requirements of the clients.
  •  Smriti’s Choco House is also popular for live counters where fusion chocolates are served from the fusion catalog.
  •  You can get chocolates designed for any theme in the form of a jungle, sports track, bollywood and so on.
  •  She is known to be a chocolate designer, having made chocolates for any theme and occasion.
  •  She has recently launched a luxury brand of chocolates that will cater to only the elite range of chocolates

Varieties of chocolates

  • More than 500 flavors, 1000 designs and themes
  • Sugar free, Ayurvedic healthy and vegan too.
  • Keto range for gym freaks.
  • Fusion chocolates like as chocolate burgers, chocolate beans, chocolate paan wraps, chocolate golgappas, chocolate barbeque, chocolate chaat and many more, it’s all chocolate and nothing else.

About her academy: SIABA – Smriti’s International Academy of Bakery Arts

Smriti has also opened up an academy by the name of SIABA – Smriti’s International Academy of Bakery Arts , where she and her team conduct chocolate making sessions that are completely interactive, where they conduct chocolate making competitions and also chocolate games or fun activities. For getting to know the art of chocolate making, get in touch with her at’s Online Training Programs.

For bulk orders, for corporate gifting and events, for arranging chocolate making workshops, to get in touch with Smriti Bhatia, connect with team WomeninBusiness at  9319615050.


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