Meet Mrs. Kritika Prasad Ranjan: A Mompreneur & Brand Owner of Kritika, The Indian Couture Wear Specialists

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  • Who says that new moms cannot be entrepreneurs?
  • Who says that being a mother does not give you time to fulfill your passion?
  • Who says that you need to be formally trained to be a businesswoman?

If you are one among those women who have these myths in your mind and not allowing to plunge in the world of business, read this inspirational story of a young mother, who is now a mompreneur.

Presenting Women in Business Success Story of Kritika Prasad Ranjan   

A working professional with a passion for arts and crafts

An engineering and MBA marketing professional, Kritika Prasad Ranhan from Noida, was working in an executive firm. She always had an inclination towards arts and crafts, all thanks to her mom and aunt who are experts in this field. Creating something creative at home was more of a hobby for her since her school days and she continued this even when she started working. After coming back from office, she considered sketching and painting as her stress relief friends.

She gave up her professional career

Once she got an opportunity to design a book cover for a novel titled “The barefoot brigade”. This gave her the confidence to pursue something related to her passion. But, she could not start immediately.

She got married and like most married women, she also got stuck in family responsibilities and gave up her job. But, it was entirely her choice to choose family life instead of continuing with her job.

Her first project after marriage  

Thankfully, her husband was very supportive and loving, gave her a chance to design the logo for Swachch Sikhad Movement under Swachch Bharat mission, for which she received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Commissioner of her block. This motivated her and she participated in India Handloom Brand Design competition. Her designs were the third best designs in semi-finals but unfortunately, she could not make it to the finals. This was ,however, a big achievement and gave her the push to start her own garment business. She dreamt of creating an empire like fashion designer Sabyasachi…

But her passion took a backseat

She became pregnant with her first baby and passion took a sabbatical again. Post baby, her husband and parents pushed her to pursue her dreams, and just after three months of delivering, she clearly made up her mind to follow her dreams

The brand “Kritika” was launched

In 2017 with a 3-month-old baby in her arms but with full support from her husband and parents, her brand “Kritika” was launched. Kritika started completely on her own, playing multiple roles as the founder, the runner man, the delivery boy, the packer, the financer, and of course, the new mom.

Kritika logo

Her products

Her main products include Bridal and Non-bridal Couture, mostly heavy lehengas, designed by her and her team members, the fabrics of which are crafted by some of the finest weavers and embroidered by master craftsmen.

It’s just 2 years she started her business and she has already made a mark. She has hopes and dreams of making it as big as she had dreamed and she is soon going to fulfill her dream.

She sells her products online.  You can check her collection on her FaceBook Page,  her official website and on Instagram with id  labelkritika

Women in Business give full support to such women of our country who have the dreams of being successful women entrepreneurs with their skills and talents. Team Women in Business congratulates Kritika on her success and wish her more success in life. At the same time, we want more women, more moms to join us and we help them to be empowered through business opportunities.

Check our services here. For more info, give us a call at 9319615050 or visit our FaceBook Page WomeninBusiness

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