Meet Mrs. Aanchal Ahuja, Handmade Natural Soap Entrepreneur and Founder of Calli

Calli Handmade Soaps
Home Entrepreneurs, an entrepreneurship platform to support the skilled women of our country to make them successful home based entrepreneurs, is proud to present before you Mrs. Aanchal Ahuja, an entrepreneur who is into making of handmade natural soaps and skin cleansing products.

Meet Mrs. Aanchal Ahuja, Handmade Natural Soap Entrepreneur and Founder of Calli

She always had this inclination towards using different soaps and cleansing products for her personal use….she loved the idea of trying different flavors of soaps with different ingredients. Some she loved, some she disliked because some affected her skin. This way, she started developing interest in knowing about different types of soaps, what ingredients are used, how each ingredient has an effect on the skin and so on.

Aanchal got a chance to attend a workshop on soap making and she attended it out of curiosity. Little did she knew her interest for soaps will one day make her a soap entrepreneur. Whatever she learned at the workshop, she wanted to experiment it on her own. Thus, she got her soap making supplies and started making soaps in her home, just as a hobby. She started distributing her products to her known ones and she got good reviews for her products. Slowly, she started selling her soaps in a small scale as gift items and in local fairs and exhibitions for festivals and other occasions. This built her confidence….

She launched her brand Calli…

Most women have skills but few have passions and dreams. There are many women who have skills in making creative products at home, merely as a hobby but few have the guts and determination to transform a hobby into a business. Thankfully, Aanchal was one among those women who had great dreams in her eyes to rise high in life. Being married, she had her other household obligations too but this did not stop her from chasing her entrepreneurial dreams. Thus, came into existence, Calli, the brand for handmade natural soaps, in 2016.

USP of Calli brand

Calli soaps are purely natural, made of natural ingredients. Considering the fact the many commercial soaps are not good for sensitive skin, she began making her own soaps both free from synthetic materials and animal products. Today, her product line consists of 20-30 varieties of products for personal hygiene from Handmade soaps to Handwash, from Bodywash to Moisturizers. Calli’s Activated Charcoal Soap, Aloe Vera Soap for all skin types are her best selling products, just perfect to soothe, clean and moisturize your skin.

All handmade soaps and other skin care products of Calli brand are made of organic oils, pure essential oils, organic herbs, and spices…handmade, natural, organic and devoid of any chemical substances….that perfectly make your skin clean, soft and healthy, with a fragrance that is long lasting.

Today, Aanchal Ahuja is not only an entrepreneur, a founder and CEO of Calli handmade soaps but also a soap making trainer.

Get in touch with Women in Business team at 9319615050 to connect with her for business enquiries and workshops.


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