Meet Madhu and Laavani Sharma, the co – founders of  “Aaranyam- The Natural Cosmetic Company”

Madhu and Lavanee Sharma
WIB Success Story is an entrepreneurship platform, encouraging and empowering women, by helping them to start their home business of handmade products. In our section of WIB success story, we proudly present before you the mother and daughter duo, Madhu and Laavani Sharma, who are creating a name for themselves in the market of natural cosmetic products.

Meet Madhu and Laavani Sharma, the co – founders of  “Aaranyam- The Natural Cosmetic Company”

Madhu has been a working mom with diverse roles in diverse industry domains till 2014. But, she was more keen to start something on her own, rather than being involved in a 9-to-6 Corporate job. Inspite of being in a top-level position as a Business Head with a Lifestyle company, she did not have an iota of doubt when she left her high-salaried job to follow her passion. Thankfully, she also had her daughter as her co-partner to launch her business.

Launch of  “Aaranyam- The Natural Cosmetic Company”


It was in the year 2017, both the mother-daughter duo founded Aaranyam in their home kitchen in Delhi NCR. Ever since then, there is no looking back.

Madhu is the creator of all the blends of Aaranyam and she tests her blends on her skin herself before making them available to others. This way, she ensures that all her products are safe to use, without any side effects on the skin and body. Madhu has a very sensitive skin herself. She could never use the commercial cosmetics. Even the ones that were sold as natural skin care products had artificial preservatives or fragrances. That’s the reason she wanted to create her own self-made natural skin products. Thus, her brand, Aaranyam- The Natural Cosmetic Company, was launched. It was the result of her many experiments to cleanse and moisturize her skin. Madhu says, her daughter Laavani Sharma, who is pursuing a career in Corporate Law, has been a great support and help and she is now the creative head at Aaranyam.


  • Natural Soaps
  • Anti Ageing Cream
  • Body Cream
  • Lip Balm
  • Moisture Lotion
  • Shampoos
  • Soap Bars etc.

The brand has also ventured into the food market by producing natural and organic food stuffs like  as Honey, Turmeric etc.

Aaranyam Products

Why Aaranyam?

All her skin care products are handmade using pure certified natural ingredients. Madhu has perfectly used the healing power of essential oil blends in her skin products, without the use of any chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances. Her natural bath essentials can definitely heal, nourish and pamper your skin. Each batch of product is hand made by the owners themselves. All products are tried and tested and hence can guarantee a perfect and smooth skin after usage. Since all their products are handmade, they can also customize the products as per your liking and skin requirement.

Get in touch with Women in Business team at 9319615050 to connect with her for business inquiries and workshops and bulk orders.




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