Is FaceBook Marketing the Best Medium of Marketing for Indian Business Women?

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Facebook is no doubt a powerful way for business owners to get in touch with their prospective customers in a cost-efficient manner. This social networking platform has become one of the most common mediums of marketing for the small business owners, especially home-based women entrepreneurs. You create a FaceBook page in the name of your company, you display your products, increase your customer base (either through paid sponsorship or through organic search), sell your products and earn. Sounds so simple, right? But, what many do not know is that while there are advantages to embracing FaceBook marketing, there are a number of disadvantages as well.

Merits of FaceBook Marketing

  • Brand awareness: You can create your own brand identity using Facebook marketing. You create your business’ presence online to remain competitive.
  • Larger audience: Since FaceBook has lots of users, you can be connected to a larger audience, who can be your prospective customers.
  • Drive website traffic: If you own a website for your business, this is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site by posting links on the page.
  • Targeted marketing: Going by the nature of your product, you can target specific demographics, on the basis of location, age, gender and interests. This helps you to connect to targeted audience.
  • Generate leads: The Facebook Page ‘likes’ generated can be your prospective clients to gather sales leads.
  • Direct connection with customers: There is a two-way communication between your business and your customers through FaceBook Marketing. Reviews and comments are great ways to improve your products and services.

Demerits of FaceBook Marketing

  • Not easy to gather attention: It is not so easy to catch people’s attention on a FaceBook business page unless and until it is really very creative and has some very unique products.
  • Time, resources and money: Merely creating a FaceBook page is not enough. You need to manage it every day which requires your time. This means that you need an additional member to handle the page, take on social media duties and create engaging content. This means an additional investment, besides investing in a sponsored advertisement on FaceBook. So, FaceBook marketing is not economical as it seems to be.
  • Lack of Expert Skills: Since your business is still in the infancy stage, you cannot hire a professional digital marketer. Most of the time, you may try to manage the page on your own to reduce costs. But, for that, you should have the right skills. Do you think you will be able to plan and create content, respond to complaints and enquiries, and simultaneously handle your business and marketing?
  • Negative Feedback: While the two-way communication is good way of improving your product and services, it also means that there are unhappy customers of yours who have given negative feedback in public, and this can spoil the reputation of your business. And not all are capable to handle complaints and feedback in a positive way.
  • Stiff Competitions Everywhere: You will not be the only one to market your products on FaceBook. There will be many other business women selling similar kind of products on the social media platform. The competition is tough and it is difficult to stand out. for all your Marketing Needs

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