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The latest trend is to opt for handmade goods. Handmade goods have their unique charm and simplicity. Handmade goods which are eco-friendly are all the more appealing as these products contribute to the “Go Green” initiative of our country. WomeninBusiness.in, the entrepreneurial platform for Indian women has given emphasis on eco-friendly products time and again. The online platform has a good number of registered home-based women entrepreneurs who are making handmade products and doing their business from home. WomeninBusiness.in is also associated with a number of NGOs and Initiatives which are employing rural women to make a wide variety of handmade products.

Using natural materials, recycled goods in producing any handmade goods can help reduce carbon footprint and reduce environmental pollution. So, why not opt for such products? Let’s start with some essential stationery items

Exclusive handmade eco-friendly products

Presenting below some exclusive handmade eco-friendly products meticulously produced by our women community, which can be used for personal usage or can be gifted to others:

Handmade diaries

Beautiful handcrafted handmade diaries for your official use or personal use. These are beautifully covered with jute fabric and available in different colors. There is an ethnicity touch in these diaries, along with a trendy fusion. Yes, these diaries come attached with a space for holding your pen drive. Don’t you think it will look cool to carry this handmade diary at work where you can write handwritten notes as well as carry your digital data?

handmade diaries

Pen Stands

Another useful stationery item … either to be kept on your kids’ study table or at your office desk. Handmade, eco-friendly, sleek and trendy. Hand block printed jute fabrics have given an altogether unique look to these pen stands. Perfect to be gifted as a Corporate item too…

Handmade Pen stand

Magazine stands

How about these beautifully crafted magazine stands? Don’t you think these beautifully designed magazine stands are sure to uphold the look of any corner of your home or office? Stack your magazines in an organized manned in these magazine stands. They are durable, strong and attractive to look at. The hand block printed jute magazine stands are sure to appeal to your guests at home or clients in your office.

handmade magazine stands

Utility baskets

These utility baskets are the best way to keep your small stuff in an organized manner. They look so nice and beautiful. Keep it on the table or just place it in the corner shelf or anywhere else, they are not only useful but beautiful to look at too. High quality, eco-friendly, offering excellent storage solutions, and attractive styling décor. Can make wonderful gift items too.

Tissue boxes

Last but not least, another handmade item which has become quite popular among our business associates are these tissue boxes. Now, you don’t need to take out the paper box filled with tissues to your guests at home or clients at the office. Rather, create an impression by displaying the tissues on these beautifully crafted tissue boxes.

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WomeninBusiness.in is committed to connecting the population of today with the right set of handmade goods, which are trendy, useful and eco-friendly. From woman to an entrepreneur and from mom to mompreneurs, it nurtures women in business and their handmade products.

Be it for your personal use at the office or home or be it as Corporate gifting solutions, think green and opt for eco-friendly items. Let us do our bit to make our Earth green and clean. At the same time, be a part of our endeavor to encourage and support our home-based women entrepreneurs.

For inquiries of the handmade, eco-friendly office items, connect with us at 9319615050 or send a mail at encourage@womeninbusiness.in or visit our FaceBook page WomeninBusiness


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