Sheena Oberoi Star Homz
WIB Success Story

From E(motions) to E(cology)…..A Life Journey by Social Entrepreneur Ms. Sheena Oberoi

We love to present inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs of our country. There are few women entrepreneurs who have their own business for a social cause. Presenting the inspiring story of our women in business Ms. Sheena Oberoi, who is already a successful entrepreneur, more so a successful social entrepreneur. …

Home Entrepreneurs

Meet our Women in Business, Sweety Advani, Founder of Nanday Creation

A housewife, a mother of 2 lovely daughters, and presently a home-based entrepreneur, we are proud to present before you another story of our’s member in our section of WIB Success Story. She is Sweety Advani, Founder of the brand Nanday Creation. Her background Sweety Advani is originally from …

Tanushi and Nidhi Tanudhi
Home Entrepreneurs

Meet our Women in Business, Sisters-duo Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta of the Brand “Tanudhi” always feels proud to present before you the success stories of many of our home-based businesswomen. We feel proud to be associated with two moms, two sisters, Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi gupta, who are behind the successful launch of a brand, which produces uniquely designed handmade decorative items for …

women in business
Women Entrepreneurs

Successful Online Start-Ups by Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Who does not want to be successful in life? When you have achieved your dreams, it means you have achieved success in your life. For all women out there, do you have any dreams in life that need to be fulfilled? Do you feel like moving away from the monotonous …

WIB Success Story

Meet Ruchita Maheshwari, Dietician, Health & Nutrition Consultant, Innovation Recipe Designer

We present below yet another WIB success story of a woman in business, who is a registered member of our women entrepreneurship platform She is Ruchita Maheshwari from Mumbai. A Dietician, Health & Nutrition Consultant, Innovation Recipe Designer, and a Blogger. About Rushita Maheshwari A post graduate diploma holder …

women in food business
Women Entrepreneurs

4 Indian Women Entrepreneurs Making a Great Impact in Food Business

There is no denying the fact that women are now taking significant roles in the food and beverage industry. Women are breaking the stereotypes and treading into the male-dominated entrepreneurship world. In our section of successful women entrepreneurs, let’s get to know all these women who have set an example …

Madhu and Lavanee Sharma
WIB Success Story

Meet Madhu and Laavani Sharma, the co – founders of  “Aaranyam- The Natural Cosmetic Company” is an entrepreneurship platform, encouraging and empowering women, by helping them to start their home business of handmade products. In our section of WIB success story, we proudly present before you the mother and daughter duo, Madhu and Laavani Sharma, who are creating a name for themselves in the …

Green Initiatives
Women Entrepreneurs

Successful Green Initiatives by Indian Women Entrepreneurs

There is no denying the fact that India’s staggering waste is growing at an alarming rate. Going by this scenario, it feels good when we see few young Indian minds trying to make a change in the society with their environmentally friendly products and initiatives. being a platform for …

Women Entrepreneurs

Meet Rashi Menda: Founder and CEO of Zapyle

In our section of successful women entrepreneurs of our country, we present before you the young and dynamic entrepreneur Rashi Menda who created a unique super-personalized e-commerce experience and entered the world of Fashion business. She is the Founder and CEO of Zapyle, the online luxury fashion destination. The USP: it …

rural indian women
Women Entrepreneurs

Let’s Meet these Indian Rural Women Creating Inspirational Stories for All

When we talk about Rural India, we still feel that Indian rural women are confined to their homes working day and night for their family, no education, no jobs, oppressed and neglected. While this is true for almost all rural Indian women, yet we feel happy when we get to …