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Tips to Decorate Your Workspace for Your Home Based Business

The environment or the workspace in which you work is of equal importance as your home business. So you have just started a small business from your home? Your home business can be of two types… Product based where you design and create arts and craft goods, from paintings to …

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How to Make Candles at Home? Some Easy Steps. DIY Projects by Women in Business

If you’re a creative person and enjoy doing DIY projects for your home decor, it is always better to experiment and try making new things which are not your forte. DIY works are very satisfying, fun and creative, where you can unleash your innovations as much as possible. For many …

How to Start a Reseller business
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How to start a reseller business? Join us to be a reseller and start your home business

What is a reseller business? A reseller business is a business model that lets you resell products produced by others to customers. The reseller business model is quite cheap and is considered as a wonderful option for women to start their own home business. The best part is that when …

how to start a craft business from home
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Tips to Start a Craft Business from Home

There are many of us who have this fantasy of doing what we love and earn money from it. If you have that inherent passion to do something creative, then it is very possible that you have considered to start a craft business at one point of time of life. …

take time off
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Tips to Take Time Off for a Holiday When You Run a Small Business

You have your own business. Plus you have your family to look after. Running a home business is not always so simple as it seems to be. Most importantly, you have to do almost everything, you have to give enough time to it, dedicatedly and wholeheartedly in order to see …

This Mother’s Day, make her feel special by gifting her something that she will cherish lifetime. Don’t opt for those gifts that are easily available in the market. Rather, give her something handmade. Make something on your own…this will not only give you a chance to unleash your skill but also a sense of satisfaction. And many times, it so happens that when you use your skill to make handmade goods as gifts or handmade goods as a home business, you hardly think about giving your mother a handmade gift that is made by your own hands. So, why not use this skill this year on Mother’s Day? Presenting below some easy to make DIY projects for Mother’s day…A gift of love for a mother from a daughter… Twig Picture/Photo frame: Are you a painter? DO you love to paint? If yes, use your skills. Take a canvas and paint anything that appeals you…Your mother always know you to be a good artist…won’t it be wonderful if you give her a painting with a nice picture frame? And if you do not have painting skills, not to worry!!! Take a large picture of your mom with you and install it in a handmade picture frame. Method: Just get thick, strong, dried twigs and colour them. If needed, add some glitters or beads. Or else, keep the twigs in their natural look. Join the twigs in a square or rectangle pattern and put the painting or the photo in it. At the back, a small loop can be attached to hang the frame. Source: pininterest Handholding Heart Cards: Anything handwritten with beautiful words is always treasured. So, instead of a normal greetings card, make your own card with your own words on it, written by you. And, to make the card different, you can try this Method: Just draw two hands on a thick piece of coloured paper, cut them and attach a heart message inside. This will look something like this pic below, not necessarily the same message. Source: Safetypins bracelet: This is another unique piece of handmade jewellery that I came across ( It’s made of safety pins. Very simple and easy to make and makes for a nice piece of trendy jewellery. If your mom is fond of jewellery, she will definitely love this. And most important of all, it is handmade and made by you. Method: Take two pieces of elastic of equal length (preferably as per your mom’s wrist size. Now take some good number of safety pins of equal sizes. Take beads or colourful threads to decorate these pins. Close the clasp with pliers. Start threading your beaded safety pins onto your elastic. Do it for both tops and bottoms of the pins for both the elastics. Once you have reached your desired length, tie both ends of the top elastic together, and the ends of the elastic at the bottom. Your handmade safety pin elastic bracelet is now ready to be given to your mom.
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3 Unique Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Project at Women in Business

This Mother’s Day, make her feel special by gifting her something that she will cherish a lifetime. Don’t opt for those gifts that are easily available in the market. Rather, give her something handmade. Make something on your own…this will not only give you a chance to unleash your skill …

DIY Home Toys
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4 Creative Handmade Toys from Recycled Materials: DIY at Women in Business

Make creative handmade toys from recycled materials Many times, as parents, we end up buying lots of toys from the market for our kids, which are used for a few days and then thrown away.  Instead of listening to your child’s next tantrum, why don’t you help your child to …

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How to Make Natural Holi Colours at Home? DIY at Women In Business

Just 2 more days for the colourful festival Holi. This holi, use natural colours, instead of the chemical based colours. Nowadays, organica herbal colours are also available. But, why buy artificial colours when you can easily make natural holi colours at home? Here are some easy ways to make colourful …

how to transform old denims into useful items
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How to Convert Your Old Denims into Other Useful Items?DIY Project with Women in Business

Many of us stack our old denims in our wardrobe after few years of wearing it. The reasons can be many…old fashioned, the size does not fit you, the color has faded, some minor tear and rips and so on. In fact, these denim materials are long lasting fabrics…so if …

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How to do Arm Knitting? DIY Project at Women in Business

We present before you yet another DIY project. This time it is arm knitting. A very interesting way to do knitting without using the knitting needles. Yes, you have read it right. Arm knitting is the new trend now. Simple and easy and does not take much of your time. …