Swati Garg
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Meet our Women in Business Swati Garg, Founder of Brand Truffles Delight

We feel proud to be associated with women who are moms as well as mompreneurs. After all, womeninbusiness.in is designed exclusively to provide an opportunity for home businesswomen to display their products and services, and their story to a wider audience, so that it helps them to grow their home …

Home Entrepreneurs

Meet our Women in Business, Sweety Advani, Founder of Nanday Creation

A housewife, a mother of 2 lovely daughters, and presently a home-based entrepreneur, we are proud to present before you another story of our WomeninBusiness.in’s member in our section of WIB Success Story. She is Sweety Advani, Founder of the brand Nanday Creation. Her background Sweety Advani is originally from …

Tanushi and Nidhi Tanudhi
Home Entrepreneurs

Meet our Women in Business, Sisters-duo Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi Gupta of the Brand “Tanudhi”

WomeninBusiness.in always feels proud to present before you the success stories of many of our home-based businesswomen. We feel proud to be associated with two moms, two sisters, Nidhi Singhal and Tanushi gupta, who are behind the successful launch of a brand, which produces uniquely designed handmade decorative items for …

riyanka Sabharwal, chocoholic
Home Based Business

Meet Women in Business’ Priyanka Sabharwal, Mompreneur & Founder of Chocoholic, Made with Love

WomeninBusiness.in, India’s one of the most acclaimed women entrepreneurship platforms, offering an opportunity to women to start their home business, feels proud when the purpose of its business is served. The online platform has become the business platform for a number of women entrepreneurs who have started their business from …

Entrepreneurial Tips

How Women Entrepreneurs can Cut Costs for a Home Based Business? 5 Essential Cut Costs

So you have started your home-based business? Your hobby has just been transformed into a full-fledged business. You are working hard towards meeting your business goals. And like in every business, you have definitely invested some amount of money into it, with the expectation of reaping the benefits later. It’s …

Home Entrepreneurs

Meet Occult Science Expert Mrs. Sapna Khemani: Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Nadi Astrologer, Pamist and Dowsing Expert

WomeninBusiness.in is an entrepreneurship platform built for encouraging and supporting women in any type of business from home. We help aspirant women to set rolling their business, be it in crafts and arts, cooking and baking or for any other service. In our section WIB success stories, we feel proud …

Home Entrepreneurs

Meet Mrs. Kritika Prasad Ranjan: A Mompreneur & Brand Owner of Kritika, The Indian Couture Wear Specialists

Who says that new moms cannot be entrepreneurs? Who says that being a mother does not give you time to fulfill your passion? Who says that you need to be formally trained to be a businesswoman? If you are one among those women who have these myths in your mind …

Paramjeet Chhabra Women in Business
Home Entrepreneurs

Meet Paramjeet Chhabra, IT Professional, Jewellery Maker, Entrepreneur and Owner of “A Gift of Jewel”

Presenting yet another success story of Women in Business… For those who say, professional work and personal business do not go hand-in-hand, you have to think twice. Women in Business.in proudly presents before you a young dynamic IT professional, who is also a jewelry maker and a successful entrepreneur…a lady who …

Home Entrepreneurs

Meet Ms. Aarti Gill: Founder of FitCircle and Oziva, Women In Business Success Story

Yet another women in business success story… We are proud to present before you stories of successful women entrepreneurs and businesswomen who are making a mark in their respective fields. Our main motive is to encourage more and more women to join us, start their business, be independent and be …

Home Entrepreneurs

Meet Young, Dynamic Entrepreneur Megha Agarwal from House of Craft

WomeninBusiness.in, an online entrepreneurship platform supporting aspiring and established women entrepreneurs of the country, is proud to present before you yet another success story of a young, dynamic entrepreneur Megha Agarwal.  Meet Megha Agarwal, Founder of House of Craft Megha Agarwal was a graphic professional before starting her handmade business. …