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Why women professionals are opting for a home business? Pros of a Home-Based Business

When you think of operating and owning a home business, you might think about renting commercial space, commuting to an office, or managing workers/employees. But, in a home business, there is no such question of commuting or managing a large number of workers. More and more women are discovering ways …

Rohini Khosla
Home Based Business

Meet Our Women in Business Rohini Khosla, Founder of Fantasy Flavours

We are presenting yet another success story of our registered home-based entrepreneur Mrs. Rohini Khosla. We feel proud to be associated with Mrs. Khosla, who is a multi-talented lady running her own business from home. She is a caterer, a chef, a trainer, an excellent pickle maker, a baker, a …

riyanka Sabharwal, chocoholic
Home Based Business

Meet Women in Business’ Priyanka Sabharwal, Mompreneur & Founder of Chocoholic, Made with Love, India’s one of the most acclaimed women entrepreneurship platforms, offering an opportunity to women to start their home business, feels proud when the purpose of its business is served. The online platform has become the business platform for a number of women entrepreneurs who have started their business from …

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Be an Edupreneur and Start your own Education Business from Home

An edupreneur is an entrepreneur who works within the education sector. This has become one of the most sought-after work from home entrepreneurship opportunities for educated women in today’s time. For many educated women who are not working at present but keen to start a career from home, then being …

culinary business
Home Based Business

Why cooking business can be worthwhile in today’s time for women?

When more and more women are coming out of their comfort zones and trying to venture in the business world, there are certain businesses which are easy for them to start with. Usually, women are nowadays more keen to do home business, based on their hobbies and skills, something that …

beauty salon from home
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How to start your beauty salon from home?

It’s very natural for women with skills and entrepreneurial minds to have preference over starting their own business, rather than working as an employee. There are great income generating possibilities when you own a business, and in the case of a salon, the rewards can be excellent, if you promote …

success tips for home business
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7 Success Tips for a Home Business: for a Successful Home Business

Starting up a home based business by the skilled women of our country is one of the best ways to keep women empowered and financially independent. In today’s age, women of our country is treading the part of entrepreneurship and are doing quite well. Many Indian women, who are skilled …

Manufacturing business ideas from home
Home Based Business

Home Based Manufacturing Business Ideas with Big Profit Margins but Minimum Investment

Home business is one of the best ways for women to earn some extra cash for the family and for themselves. For most women, the biggest problem they face to start a business is finance. But, do you know there are certain businesses which can be taken up with very …

choosing a business name
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How to Choose a Name for your Small Home-Based Business?

The name says it all…..this is one thing which we should keep in mind while choosing a business name. When you start your business from home or from anywhere, one of the most essential tasks is to choose a name for your business. The name is equally important as your …

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Know the Art of Jewellery Making at Home and Start your Own Home Business

A woman’s love for jewellery will never die down. Be it the traditional precious gold or diamond jewellery or the easily available imitation or fashion jewellery, no woman can give up her love for this possession, which adds to a woman’s natural beauty. While the traditional jewellery always has a …