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Top 4 Handmade Gifts from WomeninBusiness: This New Year, Gift Something Handmade To Make Your Gift All the More Precious

This New Year, Gift Something Handmade to Make Your Gift All the More Precious because anything that is handmade displays the care, patience, hard-work and creativity involved in its making ….handmade is unique, precious and something to cherish for a long time. WomeninBusiness.in, an entrepreneurial platform for women presents before …

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What makes Haath Ka Bana Rakhis Special?

We have with us Haath Ka Bana, a venture which was established with the sole objective of preserving our ancient crafts and maintaining the sustenance of our artisans, especially at this time of Pandemic. Haath ka Bana is involved with not only making of cotton handloom masks for all, but also …

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Cotton Masks for All – Know the Differences – Stop the Spread

Wearing cotton masks is the new normal… It has become mandatory for all to wear a mask while stepping out of your home amidst the coronavirus. Not only for patients and covid warriors, it is necessary that the general public should also wear masks, not necessarily the medical ones. The …

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Buy Handmade Items This Diwali – Diwali Gifts and Galore at WomeninBusiness.in

Handmade goods have their unique charm and simplicity. Handmade goods are all the more appealing as these products contribute to the “Go Green” initiative of our country. WomeninBusiness.in, the entrepreneurial platform has a good number of registered home-based women entrepreneurs who are presenting a beautiful range of handmade goods, artistically produced …

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Exclusive Handmade Eco-friendly Stationery Products at Women in Business

The latest trend is to opt for handmade goods. Handmade goods have their unique charm and simplicity. Handmade goods which are eco-friendly are all the more appealing as these products contribute to the “Go Green” initiative of our country. WomeninBusiness.in, the entrepreneurial platform for Indian women has given emphasis on …

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Why should you opt for handmade gifts? Importance of handmade gifts

We all love to receive gifts, don’t we? At the same time, we all love to give gifts to our near and dear ones in those special moments and make them feel happy. In fact, giving gifts is even better then receiving gifts. But, yes, at times, shopping for gifts …

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Handmade Products Pricing: How to Calculate the Price of Your Handmade Products?

Are you skilled in making handmade products at home? You already have the products ready with you and earning a little extra cash in the process is something that every home-based business women desire.  It is inevitable that you have to decide on the pricing of your handmade item. Now, …

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Shop Online on This Valentine’s Day at WomeninBusiness.in: A Galore of Valentine’s Day Gifts at Women in Business

WomeninBusiness.in presents before you some beautiful handcrafted gifts on this Valentine’s Day. This Valentine, make it more special for your loved ones. Presenting some unique keepsake handmade gifts and other gifts to make your Valentine’s day more memorable and special Homemade special chocolates and cakes Chocolates are the most popular …

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Women in Business Promotes Handmade Products Business in India for Women Entrepreneurs

  India is a powerful developing country, and here the scope for handmade sector is huge. Handmade products in India have always been in great demand in India. Prime Minister’s “Make in India” campaign which was launched to encourage multinational and domestic companies to manufacture their products in India has …