Be an Edupreneur and Start your own Education Business from Home

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An edupreneur is an entrepreneur who works within the education sector. This has become one of the most sought-after work from home entrepreneurship opportunities for educated women in today’s time.

For many educated women who are not working at present but keen to start a career from home, then being an edupreneur is a good option. You can work from home, start your own education center or a franchise and be an entrepreneur in the field of education. Edupreneurs are usually mission-driven and live for bringing a positive impact in the society. They are involved in building new education businesses, developing the latest ed-tech tools, provide online education, run new schools and so on. Education system in India is undergoing a rapid expansion and improvement. With digitalization, education has become more technology-based. Women entrepreneurs can definitely jump on this line and make their presence felt.

Where can you join as an edupreneur?

  • You can start a play school at your home complex
  • You can start online tutoring or home tuitions
  • You can be a tutor partner with some educational center
  • You can start your own franchise of any reputed education brand
  • You can sell educational tools
  • You can be a trainer with any leading education center and so on

How to be a successful edupreneur?

  • Know your passion first: Are you a keen learner and a teacher? Are you keen to teach children and spend time with them, and help them to build a better and brighter future? Being an edupreneur is something which definitely requires passion and interest as you have to deal with children and work for their benefits and take a huge responsibility. Thus it is very important to keep a thorough knowledge about this industry and you should have an entrepreneurial bent of mind.
  • Know the rules of the business: To be the best in the business, you have to be the master first. Know the important rules, dos and dont’s, know your weakness and work on it. There are many in this business. So you have to create your own presence to run your business smoothly.
  • Know your competitors: Currently, India’s higher education system is the largest in the world. It is very necessary to know what steps your competitors are taking, what steps you are taking, where you are lagging or where you ahead, and so on. Self-awareness and self-evaluation are very important to keep an eye on the strength of your competitors.
  • Focus on your goal and quality: Make a detailed plan. Strategize. Invest and work on ROI. Ensure that there is quality on your teaching. Quality is going to speak for itself and of course your brand.  So do not compromise with the quality of education.
  • Upgrade your skills: Keep yourself updated with the latest development in technology and education field. To stay ahead in the game, you should yourself be technologically advanced. Keep on learning new skills to impart teaching efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of being an edupreneur

Becoming an education entrepreneur is an ideal opportunity for a mother to keep herself busy, work on her own terms, can give time to her own children and of course can earn.

  • Usually, as an edupreneur, you can work from home at your own convenience
  • Flexible work hours
  • A good earning opportunity with a stable income
  • Women have an in-born nurturing and empathetic nature which makes them better at childcare. This itself helps the females in developing relevant skills for educating young minds, thus forging the path to entrepreneurship.


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