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Make creative handmade toys from recycled materials

Many times, as parents, we end up buying lots of toys from the market for our kids, which are used for a few days and then thrown away.  Instead of listening to your child’s next tantrum, why don’t you help your child to make his or her own toys at home? Making toys at home using waste and recycled materials can be both fun and useful. Fun because it is a way by which your children can unleash their creativity, spend their free time effectively, and it is useful because you save money and make a small contribution to saving the environment.

What wastes can be used to make toys?

Use recyclable waste materials like as paper, cardboard, clothes and rags, glass, metals, plastics to make toys at home.

Presenting below 4 DIY toys from Recycled Materials

In our section of  DIY projects at women in business, we present below 4 Creative Handmade Toys from Recycled Materials

Make toy cars and trucks from used plastic cans

Next time, when you empty those plastic cans that carry oil, detergents or other items, don’t throw them. Transform them into delivery vans, fire truck or an ambulance and so. The handle of the can be the window of the car and the can or bottle covers can be used as the wheels. Just use glue to stick them. In case if there is no handle, then cut a small portion to serve as the window, using a utility knife. You can paint the car or decorate it with adhesive tape or permanent markers.

Toy Trucks Using Plastic Cans

Make a doll using old clothes and rags

First of all, ask your child to outline on a paper the shape of the doll as per her wish. Now, take rag clothes and trace the doll image on the cloth and make two shapes.  Cut the shapes. You will get 2 pieces of cloth in the shape of a doll. Now, keep the two pieces aligned and join all the sides by stitching it. Keep one side open. Now, insert cotton inside to make the doll soft and fluffy. Now, close the sides. You doll in human shape is almost ready and you have to give a finishing look. Take black thick threads or black wool to make the hair and the braids. Use old colorful fabrics to make colorful dresses. Use a black sketch pen to draw the face or you can just embroider the features of the face. Your homemade doll is now ready.

doll from old clothes

Tin Can phone

This is an all-time classic toy. Forget about real mobile phones or artificial ones. Make your child make his own can phone.  One of the easiest toys to make from recycled material, where only two tin cans are needed and a piece of string. All you need is make a hole in the base of the tow cans, pass the string in each of the holes and tie a strong knot from the inside. Now, ask your child to use one can and you use the other end and play with him some secret police games. In order for the phone to work, tense the string as much as possible.

Tin Can Phone

Make your own minions

And if your child in a Minion fan, help him to make his own minion using plastic bottles, clothes peg, kinder egg and so on.


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